Take Your Customer From Seasonal to Year-Round
by: Cliff Albertson

The key to gaining and retaining year-round customers is providing value.

Breeze smart homes are the easiest way protect your loved ones and property while saving you time and money. Breeze will make sure your home is secure, lower your electric bills by managing your thermostats and alert you to issues like leaks before they become disasters. And that’s just the beginning. Your home can be managed from anywhere and it's so easy to use that you will be up and running in no time on any smartphone, tablet, PC or Roompad.

The key to gaining and retaining year-round customers is providing value.

Clear2there has introduced the new BREEZE System Designer. BREEZE System Designer lets you create discounts and easy payment plan templates. I created a sample quote using this tool and have included a "how to" and example for you to check out. Remember, all of the prices below are RETAIL.

1. Log-in to Viewbiquity as Admin.
2. Select "Support" (red book).
3. Click on "Tools".
4. Click on "Breeze System Designer" (click "OK" on "Using Demo Settings". This screen is eliminated once you configure BREEZE for your telco by adding logs, etc.), then click "Project" in the top right corner.
5. Scroll down to "Example Project: Vacation Home", delete any items you do not want included. (or, you can choose Start a New Project).
6. Add "PROJECT NOTES". Caution, notes are printed on the quote-proposal.
8. Click "NEXT STEP". (You can click payment plan if you want to offer monthly payments).
9. Add taxes. If no tax on services you must enter 0. Click "REVIEW QUOTE", This is what you will see:


11. Select "SMART HOME". Quotation in generated in Word. Quote form can be customized by the Telco.

Cliff Albertson is EVP and GM of Badger Communications and can be reached at cliff@badgercommunications.com.