AVAYA IP Office Training

About Our Trainings

This hands-on course provides participants with the knowledge to successfully install and program the current release of IP Office. It is designed to allow participants practice with the installation and configuration of the IP Office System.

Course Description
  • Program using Manager Software

  • Voice Mail (users & auto attendant)

  • Users (Multi-line, single-line and cordless telephones)

  • Hunt Calling Groups

  • Install software on student's laptops

  • Program through Remote and Onsite Administration

  • IP Office
  • Program using Manager Software

  • Setup the IP Office system and software

  • Configure IP Office using the Manager application

  • Install and operate Receptionist & Phone Manager Pro

  • Program Voice Mail (Embedded & VM Pro)

  • Configure an Incoming Call Route

  • Create Operators and Users

  • Program and install IP Hardphones and Softphones

  • Perform fundamental call handling

  • Network IP Offices together